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Winter Wheat is an annual cover crop for medium to dry soils.  Fast growing, it is great for suppressing weeds and controlling erosion.
Use 10-60 lbs per acre if seeding with native seed, or 90-120 lbs per acre if seeding the cover crop alone. Refer to the US map image above for the suggested planting time and areas where this Cover Crop will thrive.

2 Questions asked on Triticum aestivum - Cover Crop

Hi there, is winter wheat good for mixing with prairie flower seeds for a late fall sowing, or is it better to sow it by itself in early fall and let it germinate a bit, and sow the prairie seeds the following spring after the WW is tilled into the soil? I live in MN. Thank you!
Hi Tara, We recommend sowing the winter wheat in the early fall, and mow it back to 4-8 inches as it gets to be about 1 foot high. Sow your prairie seeds into the mowed wheat in late fall. The following year, keep everything mowed to 4-8 inches throughout the growing season.
Do you need to till the soil to plant winter wheat? How do you sow winter wheat?
Hi Mathilde. We generally do not recommend tilling the soil unless there is a lot of weed pressure; in which case, repeated tilling throughout a full growing season is advised. In small sites, simply hand-broadcast/surface sow the seeds and let the winter weather work the seeds into the soil.

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