Cancellation, Return and Guarantee


Prairie Moon is committed to providing you the highest quality seed and plants. We want you to succeed in establishing natives! We guarantee species to be true to name and that plants and seeds arrive in good condition. If losses occur due to delay in delivery or unfavorable weather conditions in transit, contact us at [email protected].

We cannot guarantee successful growth after planting, but please let us know about any disappointments you experience; we may be able to help. In any case, liability is limited to the cost of seed or plants purchased. No other guarantee is expressed or implied. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Seed Specifics
As with any new endeavor, there is a learning curve when starting wild-type plants from seed. We do our best to help customers understand what it takes to be successful starting native perennials from seed. We have free resources including online how-to guides, educational brochures, and over-the-phone consulting. Seed germination pre-treatments are often needed for natives, and the growing conditions and maintenance thereafter can be complex. We cannot guarantee successful growth after planting, but please let us know about any disappointments you experience; we may be able to help.

Plant Specifics
BARE ROOT PLANTS are dormant – they can and should be transplanted during cool spring or fall conditions according to the planting-depth photo provided on each species label. Plant BARE ROOTS in the ground as soon as they are received, even if there is a chance of frost or snow in the forecast. If they cannot be planted immediately, store BARE ROOT PLANTS in the refrigerator temporarily.

Our guarantee covers BARE ROOT PLANTS that are stored properly and installed promptly (within 7 days of arrival). Our guarantee does not cover BARE ROOT PLANTS that are transplanted into pots or other containers.

Emergence Period - we guarantee BARE ROOT PLANTS to emerge during their first growing season in their new site

  • Spring-planted roots should emerge that same season
  • Spring-planted Ephemerals may emerge and quickly go dormant, or they may simply remain dormant and emerge the following spring. Examples of ephemeral species include Viriginia Bluebells, Shooting Stars, and Trout Lilies.
  • Summer-planted and Fall-planted roots should emerge the following spring.

POTTED PLANTS should be unboxed, watered, and planted in the ground soon after they are received. We guarantee POTTED PLANTS will be healthy upon arrival and will establish after transplant. Our guarantee does not cover any POTTED PLANTS transplanted into planter pots or containers.

A Note on Dormancy - Native plants are affected by seasonal fluctuations. BARE ROOTS and some POTTED PLANTS shipped in the spring season have been overwintered. They may retain some of the past year’s crispy, brown foliage when they arrive at your door. With a good watering and warmer temperatures, the plants will replace those leaves with new growth. Native plants shipped in the fall season have been experiencing our Minnesota weather. They may exhibit dry, droopy leaves and/or brown foliage; this does not mean the plant is dead - it is simply going dormant, pulling energy into the roots to survive the winter. Plant and water as instructed.


All claims for replacements or credit must be received within 60 days of delivery for POTTED PLANTS and within 60 days of the appropriate emergence period (see above) for BARE ROOT PLANTS. To begin the claims process, send relevant photos, site specifics, weather conditions, and care given to [email protected].

If we determine a replacement is needed, shipping the same item during the same season will be attempted first. If remaining inventory is already committed or the shipping season has closed, we can offer a replacement plant of the same species and product type the following season. If preferred, website credit (excluding shipping fees) is also an option. After the initial establishment period, conditions beyond our control such as plant placement, weather, care given, critter damage, etc, are reasons we can no longer provide replacement plants or credits.

If replacement plants fail, we cannot issue further replacements or credits.

Cancellations & Returns

For PLANT orders, please keep in mind, when your order is placed, your credit card is authorized but will not be charged until your order(s) ship. We are reserving plants for you in good faith. For very large pre-orders, we may reach out to notify you that we indend to charge your credit card for 1/2 down payment.

You are responsible for entering your shipping address correctly on the website, and indicating any delivery restrictions prior to shipping. If a package is returned to us undeliverable, we can only resend it with additional shipping fees.

  • BARE ROOT PLANT orders: cancel by March 15th for SPRING orders, July 15th for SUMMER orders, and September 15th for FALL orders.
  • POTTED PLANT orders: cancel by April 15th for SPRING orders and August 15th for FALL orders.
  • A 25% cancellation fee will be charged on canceled orders after these dates.
  • Shipped Plants and custom-designed Seed Mixes are non-returnable.
  • A 25% restocking fee will be charged on seed that is returned within 30 days.
  • After 30 days we cannot accept returned seed.
  • Tool Shed items can be returned and credit will be given when the item is received back and determined to still be in new condition.
  • Return shipping fees are your responsibility. Please send returns to:
    Prairie Moon Nursery
    Attn: Returns
    32115 Prairie Lane
    Winona, MN 55987