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Regreen™ is a short-lived perennial wheat/wheatgrass hybrid that produces a sterile plant. Regreen™ is a highly versatile temporary cover crop that can be planted in either spring or fall in medium to dry soils. It is a cool-season grass; actively growing during the spring and fall when soil temperatures are cool.  Use 10-60 lbs per acre if seeding with native seed, or 90-120 lbs per acre if seeding the cover crop alone.

For our pre-designed Seed Mixes of 1/8 acre or less, we include Regreen as a temporary cover crop at no additional charge.

*please note, for large Cover Crop orders of many lbs., we may need to charge actual shipping costs. We will contact you with this shipping quote when we receive your order. We cannot send Cover Crop seed to Canada. 

9 Questions asked on Regreen - Cover Crop

How quickly do seedlings germinate? How tall does it grow if left alone? Does it die if mowed?
Germination time depends on when the seed is planted. If sown in the late fall or while the soil is frozen, the seed will lie dormant until next spring. If allowed to grow fully, it will reach 3-4 feet in height. Mowing will not kill it right away. However, repeated short mowings would kill it. Additionally, since it is sterile, the Regreen will fade out over time.
How does it work with the seed mix? Do you put it down at the same time? Do you mow it? and when? Thanks.
For all of our pre-designed Seed Mixes, the 500 sq ft, 1000 sq ft, and 1/8 acre mixes come with the Regreen Cover Crop, packaged separately, from the wildflower and grass seed. If you choose to plant it, yes, seed it at the same time as your Seed Mix. If a fall or frost sowing (Oct -March), the Regreen will germinate in the spring with the rest of the natives. Yes, mow it down with the rest of the site. Mow the entire site that first growing season when plants (native or non, cover crop or not) is reaching a stage where they are shading the ground and/or wanting to flower and set seed. This may be 8-12"; mow back to 5". Repeat this 1st season mowing as often as the site needs. The Regreen is sterile, short-lived so will not come back but serves its purpose of preventing possible erosion, and/or marking the planting site.
Is this seed untreated and non-GMO?
We do not treat Re-Green with anything. And it is NON-GMO. It is winter wheat which is cross pollinated with slender wheatgrass (Triticum aestivum x Elymus trachycaulus) There is absolutely no genetic modification to the plant.
I'm planting my tallgrass prairie mix on flat ground and not worried about marking the site or erosion. Does Regreen help crowd out potential weeds that might interfere with the establishment of my mix, or would it make no difference if I used it or not as far as that is concerned?
Hi Eric. Yes, you are exactly right. The ReGreen can help with erosion and will mark your planting site as it grows first and fast, but another reason we put it in our small area seed mixes free of charge is to combat weed pressure in that first growing season. You don't have to sow the ReGreen if you feel you have a really clean soil (very little weed seeds) and not much surrounding weed pressure.
If I sow Regreen seed in the fall, will it survive a Zone 3 winter?
Hi Sue, If you sow the seed in the late fall (after a few hard frosts), it will sit dormant in the soil, and then germinate the following spring. What you want to avoid is planting it in the early fall and not giving the young germinated seedlings enough time to prepare for winter.
Is there a value to sprinkling regreen now in the snow with the pollinator palooza and bird bonanza? I’m refreshing my prairie planting.
The Regreen cover crop will act as a place holder. If winter sowing your seeds right now, your seed mix will stratify over winter and germinate in the Spring. It is common for cover crops to be planted in the Spring with a native seed mix because the seeds will lay dormant until they get their overwinter period and then germinate the following Spring. By planting the cover crop (it will phase out in a year or so) that is holding the spot so no unwanted weed seeds blow in and take over the area. But if seeding in the Fall or Winter, the cover crop is not necessary but will do no harm if planted with the seed mix.
Is this fairly shade tolerant? I am working towards adding the Shaded Woodland mix to a Zone 5 wooded area, but I suspect there are lots of weed seeds in the soil (Buckthorn and Honeysuckle). Would ReGreen be a good option for weed control in the first year of planting?
Hi Dan. ReGreen is a very versatile cover crop and could work well for that purpose. If there is evidence of Buckthorn and Honeysuckle in the site, it will more cost efficient to sow Annual Rye Grass to hold the cleared soil. A pound covers more area and costs less.
I am restoring a fallow field. There are already some desirable species (tall iron weed, coneflowers, bee balm, goldenrods, asters, milkweeds). We mowed the site in the early fall and will be adding the tall grass seed mix this winter. Should we use the Regreen, or will it crowd out the already established natives. Thanks!
Hi Desi. If you ordered the smaller size mixes with the ReGreen included, I would sow it along with the mix. This cover crop will not affect the established natives - but the extra desirable plant growth will help prevent weed seeds from blowing in.
If sown in late summer or early fall, will Regreen sprout and grow a short grass covering, then Overwinter and continue growing in spring, similar to rye? Or will it bewinter killed? If it should be sown in late summer, should I wait to seed one of your seed mixes (like PDQ mix for example) untill fall?
Hi Andrew. Regreen does not winter-kill. As long as it germinates and is able to establish a good root system before any hard freezes, it will return the following spring and continue to grow. Native seed mixes should be sown into the young Regreen in late fall; or hold off and sow the Regreen in late October/November to overwinter along with the native seed.

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