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When will my order ship?
We ship based on what you ordered, when you ordered, and where you live.

Your order could be split into multiple shipments. Email is our primary means of communicating with you. If you ordered plants many weeks or months before our shipping season starts, watch for an email with an estimated arrival window shortly after placing your order. As the plant shipping season progresses, we will continue to update you by email as to when you can expect your delivery - usually a 2 week window.

Any time a portion of your order ships you will receive an email notification with tracking information, and your card will be charged for the shipped portion.

More shipping information is available here
Can I visit Prairie Moon Nursery?
Do be aware that Prairie Moon Nursery does not have a garden center; there is no retail shopping experience.
We host Prairie Moon Nursery tours every summer. Tour registration openings are posted each year in May, not before. Check here for availability, days and times.
If your group of 12+ would like a private tour, please contact [email protected] to schedule a possible visit.
Does Prairie Moon use Neonicotinoids?
No way! Learn more.
Do you ship internationally?
We do not ship overseas, but we do send seed to Canada. View Canada seed shipping fees here
Keep in mind, we handle only native species from North America prior to European settlement. The dangers of planting species from other continents has been well documented by the loss of native plant communities around the globe. We believe our wild North American native plants should remain in North America.

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