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Oats are an annual cover crop for medium-wet to dry soils. Use for spring or summer seedings. Do not use Oats with fall or dormant seedings; seeds and seedlings do not overwinter. Oats are a cool-season grass, meaning they germinate and grow best in cooler temps.  Germination can be expected when soil temps reach 45-50 degrees.

Use 10-32 lbs per acre (12,800 seeds per lb) if seeding with native seed May - June, or 96 lbs per acre if seeding the cover crop alone during the late summer/early fall months.

5 Questions asked on Avena sativa - Cover Crop

How tall will oats grow in Connecticut?
It typically tops out at 2 feet in medium-moisture soil, and full to part sun, regardless of the growing zone.
Are these seeds suitable for human consumption ? thanks for your time!
Thanks for writing, Sara. These non-native seed oats that we sell for cover crops come from agricultural seed and feed vendors and are not themselves processed for human consumption. We’re unable to verify the conditions under which the seeds were grown, harvested or processed. The oats from the plants these seed oats produce, though, should be suitable to eat.
I planted these oats as a cover crop in a new meadow planting while my native seedlings are getting established. Should I mow the oats and not let them go to seed as I don't want them to compete with the wildflowers?
Hi Carol. Sure, you can mow the Oats down if you feel they are inhibiting light from reaching the smaller native seedlings. But if the Oats are sparse, you can let them go. Oats are an annual so will not overwinter if they go to seed on the site.
Hello, Are these sterile oats? I saw on the cover crop page it said they do not reseed themselves but I do not know if that means the same thing. Thanks
Hi Ashton. They are not sterile, but the seed will not overwinter if you are in a more northerly climate such as in the 'suggested planting times' map photo. It's possible you will see an occasional plant the following year after a seeding of oats.
How long does Avena sativa take to germinate?
Hi Anne. If moisture is there and the seed has made good soil contact then it should be up in 7-10 days. It is a cool season grass and does best when planted very early in the spring. However, for cover crop purposes, it still should germinate and grow well even during the summer if the seed/soil remains damp while it’s germinating.

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