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Pollinator-Palooza Seed Mix

Pollinator-Palooza Seed Mix
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for Medium-Wet to Medium-Dry Soils & Full to Partial Sun
Pollinator-Palooza [pol-uh-neyt-ohr-pah-looz-ah] noun. def: 1. an all-out crazy party for bees, butterflies and other pollinators; 2. pollinating in one place with a mob of fellow pollinators like there's no tomorrow.

We are offering this seed mix in cooperation with the "Bring Back the Pollinators" campaign of the non-profit Xerces Society. We donate 5% of profits from sales of this seed mix to Xerces in support of their important ongoing research and educational programs. Pollinators are critical to human food crops yet our practices result in habitat loss, environmental toxins and monocultural cropping that compound stressors on them, threatening their, and our, survival. To counter this trend and introduce more pollinator-friendly plant diversity, this uniquely diverse, 100% North American native mix includes species that produce not only nectar but the habitat that pollinators require for survival.

Designed for full-sun to partial-shade sites with medium soils, this shortgrass mix boasts grasses and most wildflowers at 3', with some flowers reaching 5' at full bloom.  Bloom times progress spring through fall.  Our Pollinator-Palooza Seed Mix moves beyond more common pollinator mixes by offering plants that appeal to a broad array of pollinating insects. Included in the 45 species are some not commonly available, including Late Figwort and Hairy Mountain Mint. Research shows that inclusion of native plantings near agricultural crops greatly enhances crop yield, attracting native pollinators, improving ecosystems and lessening reliance on already-stressed European-introduced honeybees that annually are transported around the country to flowering crops. Pollinator-Palooza's blend of flowers and grasses will be equally appealing to humans and insects. We believe this mix will help enlighten everyone to the importance of pollinator habitat.  Click on the image to the left for a complete species list.  All mixes are subject to change without notice depending on availability of species.

"Our farm is a Certified Bee-Friendly Farm and we received a grant from Partners for Sustainable Pollination to add even more bee-forage to our farm. We chose your company for the seed mix because we heard such great things about what you do and the added incentive that this particular seed mix will result in 5% donation to the Xerxes Society. We are happy to support all that! Thank you!" - Kelli @ Broadfork Farm, Minneapolis

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Establishing a native plant community from seed can take 3 years or more - click here to learn more.

Catalog Number PPM
Seeds per sq. ft. 172
Lbs. per Acre 6.65




500 sq. ft. seed mix $24.00
1000 sq. ft. seed mix $37.00
1/8 acre seed mix $147.00
1/4 acre seed mix $293.00
1/2 acre seed mix $585.00
1 acre seed mix $1169.00
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