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Inoculum for Legumes

Inoculum for Legumes
large and small packet inoculum

Choose from 17 different rhizobial inoculum strains including Baptisia, Dalea, Lupinus and many more!
Native legume species will show satisfactory growth without inoculum but we recommend using inoculum if the proper type is available. The fixation of atmospheric nitrogen improves the long-term health of native plant communities and is especially important in low fertility soils.

Legume seed purchased from Prairie Moon Nursery comes with inoculum at no additional charge.  For legume seed of 2 oz or less we send our 'small packet'; up to 1 lb of seed gets a 'large packet'.  Additional inoculum can be purchased below.  We suggest mixing inoculum with seed before planting or cold moist stratifying. See codes C & I in the Germination Codes online within each species page and in our catalog.

HOW TO USE: Add inoculant to dampened seed and mix thoroughly.
WHEN TO ADD: At time of moist cold stratification, or if direct seeding, as close to planting time as possible.
SPECIAL CARE: Protect inoculated seed from sunlight or drying winds - cover seed as quickly as possible with soil or mulch.
ALTERNATIVE METHODS: Inoculant can be mixed with potting soil when planting in flats or peat pots; directly in the seed furrows along with seed at time of transplanting; or to potted plants by making a hole with a pencil. Inoculum may also be added to potting mix for container grown plants or into the bottom of a hole when transplanting container grown or bare root seedlings.

MYCORRHIZAL INOCULUM FOR EXPOSED SUBSOIL: For use on sites where topsoil is missing or highly disturbed from construction or erosion.  It forms a symbiotic relationship with most species of plants, allowing healthier growth.  $15.00/lb. Shipping fee is included (within the contiguous US).

Catalog Number INOCUL
Small Packet: $1.50 = Will inoculate up to 2 oz. of seed
Large Packet: $2.50 = Will inoculate up to 1 lb. of seed
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large and small packet inoculum
Mycorrhizal Inoculum for Exposed Subsoil
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