Mycorrhizal Inoculum

Mycorrhizal Inoculum

Mycorrhizal Inoculum for Exposed Subsoil, sold by the lb.
For use on sites where topsoil is missing or highly disturbed from construction or erosion. The mycorrhizal fungi forms a symbiotic relationship with most species of plants, allowing healthier growth.

Store under cool, dry conditions (refrigerator) if not using immediately. Do not expose to direct sunlight for long periods of time. CAUTION!:  Always wear a dust mask when handling.

Shipping fee is included (within the contiguous US).  

Nursery Medium: Evenly blend 5 lbs per cubic yard.

Seeding Rates: Use 1.4 lbs per 1,000 sq ft, or 60 lbs per acre. 

Broadcast and Till (see photos):  Evenly distribute over area (if applying at the same time of your native seed, inoculant should go on after seed). Cover the exposed seed and inocululant with light raking or apply a light cover of topsoil or other organic matter.

Hydroseeding: Apply in the first pass with seed and a controlled release or organic fertilizer.  A second pass with mulch to lightly cover the exposed seed and inoculant is recommended.

Seed Drilling: Incorporate in the soil at a depth set for native seed.

Row Crop: Side dress seed furrows or transplants at rates of 5 - 8 lbs./acre on 30 - 40 inch spaced rows.

*call for special pricing on very large orders. 

3 Questions asked on Mycorrhizal Inoculum

Q Paul • June 4 When is the best time to apply the myco? Just before the last rototill? If it is incorporated into the soil will the last glyphosate treatment affect the myco? Cheers
A Prairie Moon • June 5 Hi Paul. Plan to put the Mycorrhizal Inoculum on the soil as close to seeding time as possible, even after seeding since inoculum needs to associate with forming plant roots, and extended sun exposure is not good for it. No, we don’t believe glyphosate will affect the mycorrhizal fungi. Certainly wait a few days and let the herbicide work before you seed and apply the inoculum.
Q Mandy • July 8 Does this contain both endo and ectomycorrhizae?
A Prairie Moon • July 9 Hi Mandy. I reached out to our supplier on this and this was their answer: "It contains a single species of endomycorrhizae, meaning that when it colonizes plant roots it actually penetrates the cell wall of the root cells, creating an effective pathway for transport of moisture and nutrients from the soil to the plant. Specifically, the species is Rhizophagus intraradices." I hope this is what you were looking for.
Q Gaurav • July 27 I am in the process of wiping my lawn clean via the occulation/solarization process. I have also lightly cultivated the soil to dethatch the dead grass. My intent next spring is to replace the dead lawn with a mix of Blue Grama, Buffalo, Little Blue Stem and Side Oats Grama...with a few wildflowers thrown in. Would the addition of Mycorrhizal Inoculum at seeding time help? Please advise...
A Prairie Moon • July 27 Hi Gaurav, Adding this inoculum could help replenish some of the soil life that was damaged during solarization and cultivation. However, there is research showing that mycorrhizal inoculants only make a significant difference for prairie establishment under very poor soil conditions (very low nutrient availability), so I don't think it will be necessary in your case.
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