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Senna marilandica (Maryland Senna)

Senna marilandica (Maryland Senna)
Cassia-marilandica-Maryland-Senna-seedpod Senna-marilandica-Maryland-Senna-root Senna-marilandica-Maryland-Senna-seed

It is virtually indistinguishable from its relative, Wild Senna (Senna herbecarpa) until the 2 species have ripe seeds. The Wild Senna will readily open its pod and the seeds will fall out, whereas the Maryland Senna seed pods will stay tightly closed. For this reason, as wild turkey food, it' good to plant both Senna's; the Wild Senna will feed them in early fall as the seeds fall out of the pod, and the Maryland Senna's heavy, fibrous pods with seeds intact will sustain them during the later winter months.

This is a legume species (member of the pea family).  Most legumes harbor beneficial bacteria called rhizobia on their roots.  Prairie Moon provides genus-specific strains of this bacterium called inoculum for legume seed free of charge with the purchase of legume seed.  To properly inoculate your legume seed prior to planting, follow germination code I below.

Catalog Number CAS06F
Seeds / Packet 100
Seeds / Ounce 1,700
Germination Code C(10),H,I
Wetland Code FACW
Sun Exposure Full Sun  Part Shade 
Soil Moisture Wet-Mesic  Mesic (Medium)  Dry-Mesic 
Height 4 feet 
Bloom Color Yellow 
Bloom Time July  Aug 
Plant Type Wildflowers (Forbs) 
Availability Seeds 




Packet $2.50
1/4 oz. $3.00
1/2 oz. $3.90
1 oz. $6.00
1 lb. $90.00
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Senna marilandica (Maryland Senna)
*This map shows the native and adventive range of this species. **Given appropriate habitat and climate, native plants can be grown outside their range.
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Senna hebecarpa (Wild Senna)
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