Seed Mixes

It's an ideal time to SNOW SOW!  Winter months, even when snow covers your site, is a great time to sow native seed.  Planting now gives Mother Nature time to stratify seeds through freeze-thaw cycles. This stratification process is needed for most wildflower seed to break dormancy and germinate in the spring.  Any day through early March on which you can walk around your prepared planting site with relative ease and comfort is potentially a great day to broadcast seed.
Native plant communities provide the inspiration for our seed-mix designs. All our mixes feature high seeding rates and a diverse balance of native species, which, when mature, will provide blossoms throughout the year. No matter what you need or want from a seed mix, you will want to make sure it fits the soil-moisture holding capacity and sun conditions of your site. We are the only native-plant nursery with the diversity of species, and over 30 years’ experience of working with natives, to be able to provide you the highest-quality wildflower and grass seed mixes possible.