Sweet Grass Braid - limit 3 per customer

Sweet Grass Braid - limit 3 per customer

Back in stock!  Limit 3 per customer please! 
To many North American indigenous cultures, Sweet Grass is considered a sacred plant used in prayer, smudging, and other ceramonies. "Smudging" refers to a ceremony that calls on the spirits of sacred plants to purify a person or space. It is believed that the sweet scent of a burning braid will invite the presence of good spirits or positive energy. Oftentimes, Sweet Grass is used in conjunction with Sage, to ward off evil spirits or negative negative energy, Cedar, for protection and to ward off sickness, and Tobacco, to carry thoughts and prayers to the spirit world.  If you choose not to burn the Sweet Grass braid right away, the aromatic smell will remain for years!  
Here at Prairie Moon we harvest our own Sweet Grass and braid it.  Watch the VIDEO!  Each braid is approximately 15" long x .75" wide.  Shipping fee is included (within the contiguous US).

How to HARVEST, DRY, and BRAID your own:
If Sweet Grass receives adequate rainfall or irrigation, it will actively grow from spring to fall.  Harvesting can take place in either summer or early fall.  Early harvest may be more aromatic, but leaves will be shorter. Watch for foliage starting to go dormant from lack of moisture or fall temperatures.  Leaves will lighten in color as they bleach from the sun and loose some of their scent.  Complete the harvest by this time.  As you are cutting, tie grass bundles in approximately 1 1/2" in diameter (rubber bands work well) and hang in a dry, ventilated area out of the sunlight (see corresponding photo).  Before braiding, reconstitute bundles by submerging in water only until thoroughly moistened, but not longer than necessary.  Wrap moistened bundles in a towel for at least 15 minutes to allow water to be absorbed.  Braid when pliable and allow to dry thoroughly before storing.
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