Lakeshore/Wetland Restoration

Wet soils, whether in a ditch, shoreline or pond edge, can host many beautiful, interesting species. Even a depression near your home where rainwater collects can be transformed from a troublesome muddy spot into a beautiful area that attracts beneficial pollinating insects, in turn providing nourishment for water fowl and small mammals.


Bare Root PlantsBare Root Plants

Potted PlantsPotted Plants

Salix discolor Pussy Willow

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    Bare Root Plants

Silphium perfoliatum Cup Plant

$2.50 - $15.00

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Sparganium americanum American Bur Reed

$2.50 - $8.00


Sparganium eurycarpum Great Bur Reed

$2.50 - $60.00


Spartina pectinata Cord Grass

$2.50 - $120.00

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Verbena hastata Blue Vervain

$2.50 - $90.00

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Vernonia fasciculata Common Ironweed

$2.50 - $25.00

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Persicaria amphibia Marsh Smartweed

$2.50 - $30.00


Hibiscus moscheutos Swamp Rose Mallow

$2.50 - $6.00

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