Sales & Consulting

Heather’s love of native plants shines through while helping people choose plants for their gardens or designing a custom mix. She wants her work to give her an excuse to think about plants all day and is thrilled that it does. Always looking to learn more, she enjoys working with customers to troubleshoot site management issues, whether they are preparing the land for planting or developing a long-term management plan. She makes further use of her problem-solving skills in her behind-the-scenes work: updating the website and assisting customers who encounter technical difficulties.

Heather lived in La Crosse, Wisconsin, and had been working for Prairie Moon for four years before her husband landed a job in Stockholm, Sweden.  In the summer of 2020, she, her husband, their cat Willow, and their two dogs, Zeppelin and Prim, moved to Sweden.  While based in La Crosse, Heather spent her free time visiting parks and natural areas throughout the Driftless area and northern Illinois, finding plants in their natural habitat, and seeing how they interacted with their environments.  Now that she’s in Sweden, she’s learning about European plants while still gardening vicariously through her stateside family.

Hometown Roots: Marengo, IL
Favorite Native Plant: Compass Plant (Silphium laciniatum)
Secret Skill: Juggling