Sales & Consulting • Education & Outreach

With a scraggly beard and engaging smile, Cavan was welcomed into the Prairie Moon family in Spring of 2019. He hit the ground running aiding us in various production processes; from plant packing and shipping, to prescribed burns, field upkeep, harvesting, and seed cleaning, Cavan experiences all of the spring and summer outdoor jobs!  His infectious and enthusiastic attitude makes him a tremendous Field Crew Leader for the summer Interns. In the fall and winter, you can find Cavan in the office as a member of the Sales and Consulting team. His background in Economics and Marketing makes him quick to strategize, organize and plan his daily customer service-related tasks.

When Cavan is not tending to flowers in the field or managing orders in the office, you can find him outside soaking up the sun. He is an avid hiker, enjoys backpacking and camping adventures, and loves traveling to discover new places. If he is not outside or at work, that usually means it is bowling league night, or it’s time to eat!  One of his favorite indoor activities is cooking; he’ll create a delightful stir fry or spicy curry in his enormous wok! Do you have a question about native plants, your recent order, or just want to chat bowling and cooking with Cavan?

Hometown Roots: Minneapolis, MN
Favorite Native Plant: Meadow Blazing Star (Liatris ligulistylis)
Secret Skills: Bowling (he averages 181 per game!) • Stealthy at hiding Cheez-Its in his beard