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Free Wild Bergamot Seed Packet

In an effort to contribute to the resurgence of native insect populations, Prairie Moon Nursery will include a free packet of  Wild Bergamot – Monarda fistulosa seeds with every retail order. No need to mention this offer in your web, mail or phone order!  Just look for the free packet to arrive with your order.

We love Wild Bergamot, also called Bee Balm, for its lovely lavender blossom and distinctively aromatic foliage, but mostly for its attractiveness to all kinds of native butterflies, moths and bees.  Deer and rabbits generally will not bother this plant due to the minty smell.  It is a familiar component of prairie and savanna communities on all but the wettest of soils.  Blooming from July through September it complements yellow composite native wildflowers like Rudbeckia, Silphium and Helianthus.  Wild Bergamot seed does not need to overwinter to germinate like many native wildflowers; plant it on a weed-free site anytime late fall through late spring for best results.  It will often bloom in year two.

Pollinators are critical to human food crops yet our practices result in habitat loss, environmental toxins an monocultural cropping that compound stressors on them, threatening their survival.  To counter this trend and introduce more pollinator-friendly plants, please consider planting more North American native plants.  Even in small urban pockets, these true wildflowers can provide personal satisfaction and education while helping to counter increasing threats to our native insect populations.

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