Sales & Consulting

With a background in business and a penchant for nature, Andrew has found the perfect fit in his sales and consulting position at Prairie Moon. His knowledge and appreciation for native plants and pollinators has grown every day since he came on board in April of 2019. A strong attention to detail, fine organizational skills, and years of customer service experience allow Andrew to help you pick the perfect seeds or plants for your unique situation.

When he’s not at work or he isn’t moonlighting as a wedding singer, you can find Andrew enjoying the outdoors, yes even during the cold winter months in his home state of Wisconsin. Some of his favorite hobbies include camping, kayaking, golfing, snowboarding, cross country skiing, and hockey. His wife has compared him to Michael Scott on the ice – quite possibly the greatest compliment anyone has ever paid him. The outdoors are great but Andrew isn’t averse to getting cozy and watching some Masterpiece Classics on PBS or trying to perfect the art of donut-frying (anyone with tips, feel free to share because he could use some work).

On a typical day at the office, you’ll find Andrew designing and quoting seed mixes, purchasing and developing new products for our Tool Shed, and managing donation requests.

Hometown Roots: West Salem, WI
Favorite Native Plant:Bottle gentian (Gentiana andrewsii)
Secret Skill: Writing smooth country jingles