Sales & Consulting

Allison’s first experience with Prairie Moon Nursery was as a customer.  She had taken several environmental science, biology, and botany classes contributing to her Environmental Studies minor and was instantly drawn to the native gardening books while working at the public library.  Buying, germinating, and planting seeds, she fumbled to grow a successful native garden in Illinois.  She pressed on, using our website and other resources to stabilize and manage her budding plants.         

We unearthed her penchant for proofreading, dusted off her Writing degree – and we’re putting her to work!  Allison transplanted to the Prairie Moon family in March of 2021, experiencing Seed Room and Greenhouse order fulfillment and shipping.  Now she’s ready to apply her knowledge of our inner workings and her previous customer service skills to help answer your questions and take your orders!

When not at work, Allison is busy singing and dancing in the kitchen, cooking up something exquisite and traveling the world through cuisine.  On weekends, you’ll find her out on the trails, exploring the Driftless area with her fiancé and visiting family and friends.  She’s also an unabashed Youth and YA fantasy fiction fan. 

Hometown Roots: Hampshire/Burlington/Unincorporated Plato Township, IL
Favorite Native Plants: Purple Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea) • Geum triflorum (Prairie Smoke)

Secret Skill: Tape Gun WIZARD, Tetris-Style Packing Skillz, and Medusa-curls