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Aster puniceus (Swamp Aster)

Aster puniceus (Swamp Aster)
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Preferring wetter soils, Aster puniceus is often found in soggy thickets, sedge meadows, fens and calcareous seeps. It can be nearly as tall as New England Aster with similarly large flowers.  All parts of the plant are popular with a wide variety of insects. The two-month blooming period begins in late summer.  Swamp Aster tolerates and may prefer calcareous soils, which are alkaline with a pH of 7 to 8.

Catalog Number AST28F
Germination Code C(60)
Seeds / Packet 500
Seeds / Ounce 80,000
Wetland Code OBL
Sun Exposure Full Sun  Part Shade 
Soil Moisture Wet  Wet-Mesic 
Height 5 feet 
Bloom Color Blue 
Bloom Time Aug  Sept  Oct 
Plant Type Wildflowers (Forbs) 
Availability Seeds 




Packet $2.50
1/8 oz. $10.00
1/4 oz. $15.00
1/2 oz. $25.00
1 oz. $40.00
1 lb. $600.00
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Aster puniceus (Swamp Aster)
*This map shows the current natural distribution of this species. Given appropriate habitat and climate, native plants can be grown outside their range.
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