The Seed Saver's Apron

The Seed Saver's Apron

Shipping fee is included (within the contiguous US)! A hands-free must when collecting seed from your garden or prairie. This unique seed apron is hand-made in Wisconsin and features rounded and double-stitched seams for strength and easy cleaning. A rigid wire, that is hand-welded in Wisconsin, makes the wide-mouth opening, and a thick waist belt adjusts for comfort. The tough vinyl based fabric is waterproof and rinses out easily. Despite being so durable, it is very light at just 12 oz. It is 22” long, 15” tall, and the widest part of the wire opening is 11”. The belt can be adjusted to 46" in length.

The Seed Saver's Apron was born from the gap we found in products on the market; there are cotton and nylon seed harvesting/collection bags, but nothing practical and lasting for the seed saver to take while collecting in gardens, fields, or woods. We have 30+ years' experience harvesting large amounts of seed, by hand, in all environments. We know the hobbyist needs a durable, hands-free, wide-mouth bag, that doesn't cause neck or shoulder strain, and is easy to clean at the end of the day.

2 Questions asked on The Seed Saver's Apron

Q Gail • August 4 What size or how long is the belt attached to it?
A Prairie Moon • August 6 The belt can be adjusted to a max length of 46".
Q Nick • December 10 This may be a silly question, but from a practical standpoint how do you use this? Do you collect multiple species and then sort them out later?
A Prairie Moon • December 11 Hi Nick. For seed saving: drying, cleaning, and storing purposes, we recommend harvesting a single species at a time. This way you know exactly what you are collecting and can focus on selecting only the ripe seed of that species. If the end goal is to re-broadcast the harvested seed in a mixed planting, collecting multiple species at a time is a great option. If these scenarios don't cover your situation, please reach out!
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