Pollinator Introduction Kit

Pollinator Introduction Kit

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Save over 20% by purchasing these 3 items as kit + FREE SHIPPING!  We are offering this kit to help you create an environment that will be pollinator-friendly for years to come.  Included in the Pollinator Introduction Kit:

Pollinator-Palooza Seed Mix, 1000 sq ft - We designed this seed mix in cooperation with the "Bring Back the Pollinators" campaign of the non-profit Xerces Society. To introduce more pollinator-friendly plant diversity, this uniquely diverse, 100% North American native mix includes species that produce not only nectar but the habitat that pollinators require for survival.  This shortgrass mix boasts grasses and most wildflowers at 3', with some flowers reaching 5' at maturity and full bloom.  Bloom times progress spring through fall.  It is for full to part sun and medium soils.  Although some of the native plants in this seed mix have ranges that extend beyond zones 3-7,  the majority will do best in this zone range.  For more detailed information please see the RANGE MAP for each species.  Pollinator-Palooza's blend of flowers and grasses will be equally appealing to humans and insects. Native seed mix 3-year establishment plan should be followed for success.  A pamphlet on how to hand-sow our seed mixes is included.

Native Bee Nesting Shelter with tubes - This Native Bee Nesting House is made in the US.  It measures 8" long x 2" tall x 2" wide, and includes 15 closed-end natural reed and cardboard nesting tubes.  The tubes are 6" long in a range of diameters to accommodate a variety of large and small native bee species. Tubes should be replaced after 2 years.  Refill tubes are available.  A pre-cut screw mounting hole is in the back of the bee shelter for mounting on standard screw sizes.  The dark green color blends well with the environment.  All native nesting shelters are important, but other creations, such as drilled blocks of wood, do not allow you to inspect your bee's health. The sturdy plastic is recyclable where PVC is accepted. This house is a viable nesting site for native bees, and will quickly become a fixture of education and enjoyment for many years. Each order comes with a detailed Instructions pamphlet (download the pdf).

The Xerces Society Guide to Attracting Native Pollinators - Protecting North America’s Bees and Butterflies - Organized in four parts (Pollinators and Pollination, Taking Action, Bees of North America, and Creating a Pollinator-Friendly Landscape), Attracting Native Pollinators provides a thorough introduction of pollinators and pollination biology, while promoting strategies to benefit native pollinators through strengthening the quality of habitat and land management. Attracting Native Pollinators provides a vital framework for strengthening the understanding and conservation of our imperiled pollinators and is an excellent guide and reference book for land owners, managers, landscapers, farmers, gardeners and students alike. 372 pages.

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